Sunday, May 26, 2013

Israel Waze enter "$ 1 billion valuation Club"?

As Google (micro-blogging) and Facebook bidding war, Israel crowdsourcing Waze maps and free navigation service provider as a technology media events. A less well-known company, why get Tumblr and Instagram levels of $ 1 billion valuation? United States owned by the Atlantic magazine, "the Atlantic connection" website, has recently issued a document to the analysis for several reasons. United States media and reader, Waze is almost unheard of, although it has contributed a huge map data and driving community, Waze is not a social network, but for a bidder for Facebook and Google, functionality provided by Waze, and far more than the photo filter, share. "Atlantic line" view, Waze is the valuation of us $ 1 billion, the most important thing is that it has a "very loyal, even addicted cheap oakleys
user groups". Waze now has 40 million drivers in user, don't lose to Facebook once bought Instagram (after the acquisition of users exceeded 100 million people). Waze is rarely United States media coverage of science and technology, because technology in New York and San Francisco media workers seldom use Waze's services. Waze can be called a mapping tool for motorists, oakley sunglasses cheap
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countries and regions around the world, Waze is especially welcome, it is clear that Israel driver level far from flattering (author recalls: just last month entry into Israel for 30 minutes, driver of the car, it hit a Skate). Like Waze and other numerous navigation maps, provides precise navigation service to each cheap oakley sunglasses
turn, but relying on the hundreds of millions of users, Waze official relations got more accurate road maintenance, traffic flow information. Once the overhaul of certain roads, Israel drove people habitually rely on Waze find the bypass scheme.

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