Thursday, May 30, 2013

a fellow's own was concerned the cry

Of course they found adherents, especially when gain was scented, for to profit at another's expense is not unpopular, in some directions, from the top to the bottom of the world. But, as a rule, these theories were not long-lived. The company, so to speak, found themselves, and the innate good sense they claimed to have came to their aid, before the cheap ray bans
whole school was set generally by the ears, or the Over-Lord was called upon to interfere. Thus, where fake ray bans
a fellow's own was concerned the cry with the really honest was, "Hands off, there!"--blood being rightly spilt, if necessary, in defence thereof, as it always will be, till the last of dogs and men lie down and die. Of course if one or other left his own unguarded, or, overcome by plethora, fell asleep, or grew fat and careless, then another of his standing came and took that property away. In such an event, he who had lost could do no more than whimper cur-like, while those lying round the yard would look up to see what the shindy was about, and then quietly remark, "That's as it should be." Then again, when, on a sultry afternoon in this first summer of Murphy's life, some older members of the family betook themselves to such cool places on the eyot as the shadows cast by the wide eaves of the mill, it was ordered they were to be left in peace and not plagued ray bans sunglasses
by younger folk, however good-natured they might be. Nor were others to be followed when they stole away to the opening of the mill-race--where the water came out at speed, brown and foaming, from the dark shadows under the floors--to listen, maybe, half asleep, to the great wheel groaning its solemn music, as the dripping green paddles threw off a cool mist to refresh the jaded air.

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