Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 United States Fortune 500 release: Facebook song list

On May 6, 2013, fortune has officially released the latest United States top 500, Wal-Mart, to 469.16 billion dollars in revenue to go back to the top, oil giant Exxon Mobil to 449.88 billion dollars of revenue came in second. Last year Facebook listing debut this year of the United States top 500, ranks No. 482. Veteran Internet company Yahoo will countdown the camp, No. oakleys
Product still ranks continued to rise in the world's best selling Apple, jumped from 17th place to 6th place. Revenues 156.5 billion dollars, compared with the previous year increased by 44.6%. Profit rose 61%, to 41.73 billion oakley sunglasses
But overall, the United States in 2012, entered a long period of low economic growth phase, the top 500 companies on revenue of us $ 12.06 trillion, compared with the previous year increased by only 2.7%. Total employees increased 2.3%, 26.4 million people. But gross profit declined by 0.5%, amounted to $ 820.3 billion. Top 10 rank, has undergone a series of dramatic change this year, oil giant Chevron to keep third place on the throne. United States one of the largest independent refiner, ConocoPhillips last year split from the Phillips 66 listed this year with a new attitude, ranked fourth. Another oil company Valero Energy companies squeezed into the top ten this year.wholesale oakley sunglasses

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