Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google goggles may be completely changed with nine major industries

Google goggles means what? What are the scenarios? United States Science and technology blog BusinessInsider published articles named Megan Rose Dickey, analysis may be Google change of nine sectors of glasses, including GPS, advertising, education and law enforcement.oakley frogskins
Tourism Future Google goggles will probably become a tour guide for the user, thus obviating the need for tour guides. Currently, Google's application Field Trip has been able to provide travel destination information, matching Google goggles on, travellers themselves can visit a history rich in museums and access to knowledge. In particular, coupled with indoor navigation feature, travelers no longer have to worry about getting lost or left behind. Education Will Google glasses used to have broader significance in the field of education. Schoolmates with Google goggles is not present because of illness in students live lectures without its distractions. At the same time, students exercise in calculus, you can search for answers and information on the network in real time. Of course, this also brings to the school a number of challenges, such as how to prevent fraud. But the important thing is, Google goggles offers real-time language translation capabilities, for teaching and learning across languages offer tremendous prospects.cheap oakleys
Law enforcement Have believed that one day, Google goggles will be used by police to identify criminals, because Google already has a very advanced facial recognition technology. Sweep the surface plate, is drunk driving, as well as remote command and control, is a potential scenario of Google goggles. Advertising While Google says no to Google goggles for advertising projects, but this new device really can completely change the way people receive information, which also change the advertising industry as a whole. So, what brands and companies will have to look for new forms of advertising and communication. Through Gmail, Google search, YouTube and Google+ collected a large amount of consumer data, so it knows everything about users, including what you want to do, where to go and what you want to buy, which opened the door to accurate advertising based on geographic location.oakley outlet

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